Meir Lahav Electrical Engineering Ltd. is a manufacturing company marketing advanced, smart and innovative electrical command solutions and lighting systems for the agricultural, industrial domestic and municipal sectors.
The electrical systems, lighting and fans, ranging in size and used for greenhouses, industrial plants, chicken coops and more, are designed to operate under harsh conditions and are highly durable in all weather and climate conditions.
Alongside its large market share in Israel, the company operates worldwide, introducing innovative technologies and the various exclusive developments and patents created by the company.

We want to think and create together with you
Meir Lahav invests extensive resources in development, innovation and the creation of electrical solutions for its clients. The development process is always conducted together with the clients, while introducing economical, smart and modular solutions to meet their needs in terms of size, need and demand. Feel free to contact us and raise any need or question that you may have – together, we can create better solutions.

Meir Lahav

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