Ledium 105

Ledium 105

An innovative light fixture from Meir Lahav Electrical Engineering.

A lighting fixture, approved by the SII at an impermeability level of IP-66, suited for layer coops, balconies, gardens, banquet gardens, roads and circles.

The fixture undergoes a PVC casting to protect the product against various outdoor conditions..

Suitable for outdoor use.

5W LED card with broad distribution and optimal impact.

We meticulously designed a unique internal aluminum bell, enabling maximum heat distribution.

The LED card is connected with a male and female adapter, enabling easy and quick replacement.

The LED card is protected against weather damage, using a polycarbonate casing.

Covers are available in green, red, blue and yellow.

The LED card’s lifetime is up to 32,000 hours and it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Production is conducted in our factory in Israel and fixtures can be ordered at various sizes.

Lighting Options:

LED Card Feed Voltage Power Lumen
White light – Day: 6000K 220v-AC 5W LM 800~425
Yellow light – Hot: 3000K 220v-AC 5W LM 800~425

Ledium 105 – For Vehicles

Made in Israel by Meir Lahav.

Car lighter with 3m of standard cable connecting to the Ledium 105 – 5W power and 12V voltage.

Suitable for illuminating when fixing a flat tire, during camping trips and more.