Ledium 104

An innovative development that saves thousands of NIS per year.

A new lighting fixture, approved by the SII at an impermeability level of IP-55, suited for agricultural applications and mainly for chicken coops and flowers. Suitable for outdoor and indoor environments and for general lighting needs.

15W LED card with optimal light distribution.

The LED card is protected against weather damage, using a transparent polycarbonate casing.

The fixture has an aluminum ring, meticulously planned at our factory to ensure maximum heat distribution.

The LED card’s lifetime is up to 32,000 hours and it comes with a 2-year guarantee.

The LED card can be easily and quickly replaced with a male and female adapter.

Production is conducted in our factory in Israel and fixtures can be ordered at various sizes.

Lighting Options:

LED Cards for Industry and Agriculture – Technical Specification

LED Card Feed Voltage Power Lumen
White light – Day: 6000K 220v-AC 15W 1220
Yellow light – Hot: 3000K 220v-AC 15w 1100

LED Cards for Flowers – Technical Specification:

LED Card Feed Voltage Power Nano
Red Light _ Uniform 220v-AC 9w 660 Nano
Red – Near and Far 220v-AC 9w 70% - 660 Nano, 30% - 735 Nano

Dimmable led cards